Ages of the Man 

The Ages of the man 2004 in Ávila. 

 Title  "TESTIGOS"
In the Cathedral of Ávila,  May to November 2004


New - Rural Houses Near to Avila

You can stay in thesse houses if you want to visit The Ages of te man and at the same time to enjoy of the nature. Rural Houses near to Ávila:

Name of the House

Situated in

Contact Telephone

Las Epocas


639 977 339

La pasailla

Navacepeda de Tormes

618 018 311

La Solanilla 

San Esteban de los Patos

920 208 239 / 651 420 376

Casa Maria

Bonilla de la Sierra

920 362 735 / 626 084 695

Casa Sacristan

Bonilla de la Sierra

920 362 735 /  626 084 695

Rural Rut

El Tiemblo

650 699 979 

Villa del Alberche

El tiemblo

918 625 200




Monday:It will be closed.
The last monday of July and all mondays in August the exposition wil be open since 10 to 20 hours.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday open since 10 to 14 hours and since  16 to  20 hours.
Saturdays, Sundays, and festival days and in August: open since 10 to  20 hours, without closing.
Visitors only can enter 45 minutes before the close hour..

Visit with guide ( máximum 20 people): 30 €

Since April 2004 you can view in informations drives.

Secretary of the exposition:
Plaza de la Catedral, 11. 05001.- Ávila

Teléfono: 920 251 295
Fax: 920 251 327
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The word Witnesses together with the coming of the Holy Spirit represented on a panel painted in the 16th century by the master Diego Rosales for the main altarpiece of the parish church of Flores de Ávila, a small village in the province, make up the title and poster for this twelfth exhibition of the Foundation Las Edades del Hombre. 

The Ávila exhibition is part of the third and final cycle of exhibitions the foundation has been organising in the cathedrals of Castilla y León. It comes after Segovia and focuses on the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is consequently followed by Pentecost and the birth and spreading of the Church as His Witnesses. Our last visit will be to Ciudad Rodrigo in 2006. This will bring our pilgrimage around Castilla y León to an end, a journey which has also seen our exhibition venture into Europe and North America. 

Besides the focus on the Church, which is presented under the name of Witnesses, this year and even more so with it being in Ávila, mention must also be made of Queen Isabella the Catholic on the 5th centenary of her death, and of the Ávila mystics St. Teresa of Jesus and St. John of Ávila. 

This walled city’s magic and mystery is complemented by a province that is rich in contrasts and tourist attractions of all kinds, which you can visit using our proposed routes, and thus do justice to all the villages that have loaned us the best pieces from their heritage so that we could put together an exhibition as graceful as Witnesses.

Las edades del hombre