Nature Surroundings

In this section we make a brief review to all the protected natural spaces of Avila. That the respect and the conviction of which their conservation and balance are essential to guarantee our existence, guide the passages of all our visitors.

Mountain of Gredos
Location: South of Avila

Impressive landscape modeled by the erosion glacier on granite rocks of the central system. Lagoons, Circuses, throats and deposits that culminates in the 2592 meters of the Almanzor tip.

Next to the environmental values, the zone of Gredos hoards an interesting compendium of places in which history, the art and the tradition have left an important track. Between all of them, we emphasize the Roman road of the “Puerto del Pico” and the towns of Candeleda and “El Barco de Avila”.

We recommended the march from the platform located at the end of the track that is born in “Hoyos del Espino” until the famous Circus of Gredos. The way ends at the call “Trocha Real”, that, in few minutes, leads on the great Glacial lagoon. In its cold and transparent waters are reflected the high summits that next to the Almanzor form the “Circus of Gredos”: Risco de la Ventana, Los tres Hermanitos, Cuchillar de las Navajas y El Sagrao.


Valley of Iruelas 
Location: Southeastern of Avila

Landscape of medium mountain located in the spurs of the mountain range of Gredos.
It extends from the Hill of the Escusa to the borders of the dam of the Burguillo (the oldest dam of Spain). Near this one, we will be able to contemplate an old town of people who works with pines.
We recommended to visit the natural viewpoint of the “Puerto de Casillas”, privileged place to contemplate to all the Iruelas´s Valley, declared Zone of Special Protection of Birds (ZEPA).

Pine of Hoyocasero
Location: The south of Avila

Its ecological interest is that in this forest exist vegetal species typical of the regions occur eurosiberiana, Mediterranean and mountain. The pine appears surrounded by a belt of rebollos oaks. The high scientific interest of the pine is increased by the beauty of the landscape in which this nailed.

Valley of the Tiétar
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It is situated in the South of the province of Avila, occupying the south of the mountain range of Gredos and marking, with the river that takes its name, the limit with the province of Toledo.

In 1879, Donaire already considered the most extensive and rich Valley of the province. Nowadays it is, in addition a great residential zone for thousands of families who have in him his second residence, originating most of Madrid (it is near (little 100 km)) which they come looking for his fabulous climate, natural spaces, flavourful gastronomy and amused festivals.

Mountains of “The Paramera” and “Serrota” 
Location: South of Avila

Their elevated hits are of around 2300 meters and conserve the tracks left by the intense erosion of quaternary glaciers. In its slopes have its sources three important rivers: Adaja, Alberche and Corneja.